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7/10/08 I know it has been a while since this site was updated, but there is a good reason. To find out about it, go to to the new site here.

11/28/07  Colorado pictures are now here.

11/14/07  I want to apologize for the lack of new content on the site.  About 2 months ago our camera started going on the fritz.  Last month it died.  We have had it since before Corban was born, and we love it.  About a week ago, Jess went and got a replacement.  Combined with a small learning curve to use the new features and Jess' laptop not having a decent web editor (still working on that, she runs Vista), we will be updating it more often, hopefully.  So more pictures will be on soon, as soon as we figure out how to use our new toy.

9/4/07  We are still alive, even though not much has happened here.  Send us an email if you want immediate attention, as we are pretty busy right now with life changing and all that.

8/17/07 Some random pictures from our life, since we haven't organized much of anything resembling a new photo page since last month.

7/17/07 There are new pictures in the photo album. Enjoy. 

5/14/07  Welcome our new baby boy.  Isaac Marshal Walk, see Pictures here.

5/14/07  We are at the hospital and have started the induction process, We will be updating the test site with news since it is more instant chat friendly.  I will remove the option to require logins for clear chat..Remember to tell us who you are when you input a message.  Thanks and keep us in your prayers this day.

5/9/07 - Baby Eviction Scheduled for Monday May 14.  If he doesn't decide to vacate on his own, he will be evicted by Monday.  Keep us in your prayers for our health and sanity (which is barely hanging on anyway).

5/2/07  - New test site up and running, will be adding new features for testing with the possibility for permenance.  Please visit, create a login and if you have time, try out the features.  Thanks.

4/25/07 - Shoutbox suspended, it had a major hiccup and lost all data.  Wanting to go to a CMS look anyway, will experiment and when I get it stable, will implement. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3/13/07 - Shoutbox Added.

2/22/2007 - New pictures. Click here

Announcing the newest attraction to JWebCafe....  Baby2!!

12/17/2006  - I have started a baby journal for Baby 2 so that everyone can keep up with this little one's progress too. - Jess

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Welcome to our web site!

If you know us then you know that this is a very wonderful time for us. 

Our first child was born on October 12, 2005.

To help keep family and friends up to date, this page was created to give them the latest news and keep them informed on the progress of our little one.


I wanted to post this here since alot of you out there wanted to see the difference..

Corban, at 3 months. 

Isaac, at 3 months.

Do you think they could be brothers?!














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