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Today I tried Carrots, my first solid food besides cereal.

  FirstBiteCarrots.jpg (763846 bytes)   I'm not so sure about this..hmm.  (First bite reaction!)

FirstCarrots1.jpg (967676 bytes)  FirstCarrots2.jpg (904885 bytes)  FirstCarrots3.jpg (964190 bytes)  FirstCarrots4.jpg (973254 bytes)

 Wow!  They actually taste good.

FirstCarrots5.jpg (982116 bytes)  FirstCarrots6.jpg (908463 bytes)  FirstCarrots7.jpg (934607 bytes)

Corban, do you like your carrots?   FirstCarrots8.jpg (684844 bytes)    What do you think?


FirstCarrots9.jpg (708346 bytes)  

All done, time to wipe up. (What a little gentleman he has become.)






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