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We went to Illinois and Missouri the last week of June. Isaac got to meet his extended family. Here are some snapshots from that week.

Isaac and Uncle Emory Isaac and cousin Ziyan Isaac and great grandma Colby

Aunt Darcy and cousin Wyatt Aunt Tasha and Ziyan Aunt Lisha and Wyatt

Great grandpa Stanberry with Ziyan, Wyatt, Isaac, and Corban Isaac and Goma Thomas

Isaac with papa Jon and grandma Sandee  Isaac and grandma Sandee

Isaac "Meeting family is hard work"   Corban "I like this swing"

Corban and Aunt Lisha Corban with Grandpa and Grandma Brune

Corban and Papa Jon talking about cars Corban and aunt Stephanie

"Look this baby does something" Corban, Grandma Sandee, and Great grandma Colby

Corban and Papa Jon Corban and uncle Matt


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