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The Stanberry Family Thanksgiving  (thanks Aunt Dora)

4GensStanb.jpg (802204 bytes)

4 Generations

CnGrannyT.jpg (1220942 bytes)

Granny Thomas gives me a big hug.

CnALisha1.jpg (711404 bytes)    CnALisha2.jpg (704041 bytes)

Aunt Lisha holds me, and holds me, and holds me, and holds me..... it was nice to snuggle after all the car rides!

CnGGpaS.jpg (934974 bytes)

Great Grandpa Stanberry and I talk about gun safety during hunting season!

100_1419.jpg (714068 bytes)    100_1420.jpg (748691 bytes)    100_1422.jpg (860120 bytes)

I definitely made the rounds, and so fast  Mom and Dad couldn't get pictures with all of em.

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