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Working in the Dedicated Maintenance crew in the Customer Premise Equipment crew for BellSouth Comm Systems.  I am onsite from 8-5 for Compass Bank in the Operations Center, manage over 25 large Nortel systems, most of them remotely and more are being converted to VOIP on a monthly basis.


Home Life:

Playing SWG again.   Was in Beta, not playing full time due to the massive changes and overall failure of the game to live up to the Legacy that is Star Wars...while I am on you can look me up on Chilastra.Inebrio or Bria.Tekala

Played Beta Matrix Online and then some after with my friend Eric, was fun but too large amount of bugs for my taste..hope it will get better, great concept. Yay for hyperjump!! (one of the coolest aspects of the game, along with all the specialized martial arts moves. e.g. kung fu, aikido, and karate)  The other very nice aspect of the game is, that because the story is such that you play in a virtual world, a "crafter" programmer can literally make you anything in the game, including your advanced skills, so instead of learning them from a trainer, you can get/buy them from a player or vendor. even before you are qualified to actually use them.  Or if you want to mess with collecting code fragments, you can make your own and change on the hardline from crafter back to combat/hacker instantly.

Don't play it much anymore, too much cost for all the games I WANT to play, so I must choose where I have the most interaction with friends.

Played WoW, this game I like alot, not because of the fantasy storyline or content, but the people seem to be a different breed and the Developers have taken measures to prevent most malicious gameplay.  Some might say there is a bit too much "magic" and such,  but gameplay is very easy and enjoyable and you don't have to log in all the time just to keep from having to do maintenance when you do log back in. I play a hunter most of the time, they don't rely on the magical aspect and are mostly ranged with gun or bow and have a tamed animal for a pet. I am also a goblin engineer, such crazy ones, those goblins..and they like their explosives..but then so do I..heh.   Look me up on Cenariun Circle (RP) as Amuato (Marksman Hunter) or Gremmel (Nature Shaman) formerly of the Clan Raven Claw, converted to Legacy of Zul'jin, then Zuljin's Vision, and now defunct.  My friends here consists mostly of transfers from my guild in SWG, but also some other very cool people, most of which I have voice conversations with, via TeamSpeak  Our server address was  (Thank you very much for giving of your time and $$ MonkeyBubbles to keep this up for us while you did!!)

The Fam:

I'm so proud, I'm almost tearing up..my little bro is making something of himself, and to think I taught him how to play..ha!!!  (like he ever needed my help!)

He has a webspace on myspace, look him up sometime.

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